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11 October 2007 @ 01:44 pm
lookin for cool ladies to chat with(sorry if my post didn't work, my pc was screwing up)  

 Name: Danielle
Age: 15(ok but i'm pretty mature for my age)
Place of residence: Socal
What are you trying to find? more gays to chat with

Ah, i'm so not good with intros...uhm...
-i'm pretty gay, i occasionally like boys, but all i really think about is girls
-most people think its rediculous that i know this and i'm 15 but please, i've known for awhile, just like straighties knew for a while
-i'm finally starting to accept that who i am is alright
-i'm pretty mature for my age but that doesnt mean i don't sometimes revert to being 5 years old again
-i'd like to meet some people to chat it up with on AIM, since I use aim the most, but i'll use yahoo or msn too
-someone who wants to talk about the silly things and the pointless things
-somebody who can also have an in depth conversation too =]
-i absolutely love music, and i'll listen to almost everything but my favs are like rhcp(my first fav band besides no doubt) and like nyd
-i love to laugh, and i like making people laugh; humor is just what i do
-i specialize in the robot
-the city is the most amazing place besides the beach
-i use words like fantastic and incredible a lot, i have a pretty big vocabulary
-i really should read more, but i love keeping you a secret, best book
-south of nowhere is an amazing show, as well as greys anatomy, and sarah silverman, but i don't watch TOO much tv
-tennis is my game, i'm on the tennis team, it pretty much consumes me
-i want to be a film producer when i'm older
-im in the red cross club because i love helping sick people, even though i'm kind of a germaphobe
-i'm currently learning how to play the guitar, i'm not very musically inclined...
-i'll talk to just about anybody, i'm pretty social
-if i could have any superpower, i'd want to fly
-i don't really have a religion...sorry, i don't need religion to answer all my unsolved questions
-i'm an incredibly good listening, people call me their personal shrink, so if anybody wants to vent i'm willing to listen 
-my favorite store to shop at is urban outfitters...i have a gift certificate for that place haha i havnt had the time to spend it
-roller coasters and anything thing that give me an adrenaline rush(thats not unhealthy) are amazing to me
-rainy weather is my favorite weather and though that sounds depressive it makes me happy
-i love to write, i'm so much better at creative things than logical things
-nothings logical to me
-i write poetry for just about every emotion that i feel
-taking pictures are amazing, but not posed ones, i like candids, it really is "capturing the moment" haha how cheesy
-speaking of cheesy i love cheesy moments
-animals are great, i love all kinds
-i love wearing pjs and watching tv on a saturday morning(i know i just contradicted myself with the tv but its a good thing to do on saturday morning)
-oh yes, and i LOVE to sleep
-i'm a homebody, but if its night time, i like to be out, somewhere out of my house
-i live with no regrets
-i always forgive but never forget

my friend said i really looked lesbian there haha

oh anna!: stella im hultbergreima on October 11th, 2007 09:40 pm (UTC)
Mod comm
Hello and welcome!

I decided to accept this post, although the HTML is pretty messy. Fix it, please. :)
And add the list of what kind of friends you'd like to find(aim friends, girlfriend/dating, lj friends, msn friends, pen pals (e-mail), yahoo friends) to the tag line on the entry writing page. Thank you!
oh anna!reima on October 11th, 2007 09:42 pm (UTC)
... continued.
From what I can tell, you write in rich text formant and not HTML, but you use HTML tags. Just go and switch from rich text to HTML (it's above the entry writing are on the "write an entry" page, on the right hand side) and the picture should show.