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Girls - Meet Girls!

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A place for lesbian/bi girls to meet girls that are alike

001. To join this community, you have to identify as lesbian or bisexual - in other words, a girl who likes other girls (or woman who likes women - don't let the comm name fool you!).

002. After joining, post your profile.
Do it according to the community rules, please. This way we can all surf around easily.
Also, be sure to read all the instructions carefully - girlsmeetgirls will be a well-functioning community only if its members - you, gorgeous girls! - stick to posting policies etc.

003. Be nice!
No mean comments, no unnecessary harassment or drama - we want everybody to feel comfortable and safe here.
After all, the idea is for everybody to find friends.

004. Don't post surveys or memes or anything like that.
Everything people should know about you should come across from your profile.
Any questions you'd like to ask from other members you ask by commenting their profile, and if you make changes to your own profile - which you definitely are allowed to do! - type down in the subject line when the changes were made.

005. No promoting other communities!
You're only allowed to promote yourself. ;)
Every girl here will fill out a sort of form; their own profile, which will be visible for members only.

First and foremost: Remember to tag it properly!
Tag your hometown (e.g. Espoo) and country (e.g. Finland), and what it is that you're looking:

NB! If you're searching for basically anything, list every tag. This way it is easy for others to find you, and for you to find them. Additionally, write the subject line in the form of "(your name) looking for (what it is that you're looking, e.g. friends, girlfriend, or "whatever she can get").

And please notice: Every member is required to add one picture in their profile.
This will cut the amout of trolls to a minimum. However, if you don't have one single picture of yourself anywhere, please explain this in your profile - mods read every entry before accepting them, and profiles that don't follow the rules will not be posted.

We welcome profiles of any lengths: the important thing is for you to make the profile look like you. At the end of the post, remember to write down your contact information (e.g. AIM screenname, e-mail address etc). NB! Do not post your home address or phone number in this community.
girlsmeetgirls is a friend (and partner) finding community for lesbian and bisexual girls as well as women from all around the world. Here by posting and browsing profiles you can find amazing individuals and new friends.
The community was founded by reima and aendra in October 2007 for the sole purpose of helping non-straight girls to find other non-straight girls.

We hope you find this community useful.

For any girlsmeetgirls related problems, suggestions or questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at girlsmeetgirls@gmail.com.
If you want to contact a specific modernator, write their LJ name in the subject field.

For reima's profile, click here.
For aendra's profile, click here.
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